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A Healthy Smile, A Healthy Body

We know that your oral health is not only about looking your best. It’s about maintaining healthy teeth and gums, which is also linked to your overall health. As a member of Partners in Complete Health, Dr. Vocal strives to emphasize the importance of this connection to all of his patients by promoting preventive care. He begins by using salivary diagnostics to discover if there is too much bacteria in the mouth.

The Importance of Hygiene Visits

One of the most important reasons to visit the dentist is to have your teeth cleaned by a professional hygienist. Plaque and tartar form on teeth over time. Plaque is soft and sticky, but it hardens into tartar, which is beyond the scope of your typical toothbrush and floss. Tartar accumulates below the gumline as well as on the surface of the teeth. If you don’t remove plaque, you risk more serious problems with your teeth and gums later on. Having your teeth cleaned regularly is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy!



Drug-Free TMJ Pain Relief

You may grind your teeth in your sleep and not even realize it. This can cause muscle pain, migraine headaches, tooth wear, and more. Or you may have bite issues, where teeth don’t fit together in the best way, causing chipping, sensitivity, and temporomandibular joint pain and disorders. Dr. Vocal has over 15 years of experience treating migraines and TMJ pain, without drugs! Ask about occlusal adjustment, which makes slight modifications to your biting surfaces, or the NTI™ device, an FDA-approved oral appliance.

Snoring Isn’t Just an Annoyance

Often, snoring is a pre-cursor to a more critical health concern known as sleep apnea. People with sleep apnea experience an obstruction in their airway that interferes with breathing during sleep. This can have negative effects on the function of your brain and body. If you have sleep apnea and can’t tolerate or are frustrated with the CPAP machine (the traditional treatment for sleep apnea), we can offer you an alternative. Dr. Vocal can custom fit you with an oral appliance to gently realign your tongue and jaw to open your airway and allow more air flow to the lungs as you sleep.

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